New Work: Summer 2016

Frank Ryan paintingCurrently in the studio, I am making progress on a new series of paintings of movie theater audiences. These paintings are based on snap shots taken during the screening of movies in various theater locations in Los Angeles.

My flash photograph interrupts the possibility of a passive viewing experience and confronts the audience with their own objectivity, as the subject of another’s gaze. This disclosure of my presence as voyeur, and the simultaneous awareness of subjectivity in the object of my gaze ushers a dynamic of psychological complexity and reflective symmetry.

There is a long tradition of exploring the spatial relationship between the viewer and pictorial field. Leonardo da Vinci had a precise formula for determining this relationship; perspetiva, in latin, means optics. This critical role that the viewer plays in the visual structure of the image is the foundation for the philosophy of naturalism itself. Read more>

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